Day 1: Wellington to Kuala Lumpur

A cold August day in Wellington. I haven’t managed to persuade Simon to travel without a laptop. An uneventful flight from Wellington to Christchurch.

Very impressed by AirAsia X which left on time for this any every flight we took. While it maybe by a low cost carrier (LCC) the leg room was good and so was the service. We had pre-purchased our in flight meals but there was a good and affordable menu choice  (meals & drinks) to purchase on board. There are no back of seat screens – thank goodness I had loaded my iPhone up with books to read.

You can rent a portable DVD player with DVDs on board for MYR30 but the movie choice didn’t appeal.

The one and major downside is that is a severe shortage of toilets per number of passengers. With the toilet signs constantly being lit red I really don’t know how the cabin crew can access them them for cleaning. If you suffer from a ‘Woolworths’ bladder or from ‘the runs’ while in flight man are you in trouble!

Our flight was scheduled to land Kuala Lumpur at 10:25pm and as we were to flight out the next day to Kota Kinabalu at 12.50pm I booked us to stay near the airport rather than subject us to an hour each way in and out of the city.

As a LCC Air Asia lands at the LCC Terminal which was the other side of the airport from our accommodation at Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Hotel. There is a bus available (MYR2.50) to take you to the other terminal, or taxi (MYR64). As the bus ran regularly enough at every 30 mins we took that. Head left out of the LCC terminal- while directions aren’t great you will find people able to direct you.

For the bus you pay cash to the driver. For taxi you will need to purchase a voucher in the terminal.

On arriving at the standard terminal we took the escalator up 1 floor from the bus stopto access the air bridge to Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Hotel. For info 1 night accommodation in a Deluxe Room (no breakfast) cost USD126.


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